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CBD products still available online. But California law now prohibits online THC products.

Special Small Batch Offer

Be one of the first to get Earth Guardian — a handcrafted organic CO2 oil from an organic, off-grid Humboldt farm

It’s a superb small batch with exceptional flavor that will sellout fast. Minimal processing preserves the huge amount of terpenes so you get a more delightful strain flavor and highly fragrant bouquet of this totally organic CO2 oil. And it's guaranteed to have zero pesticides, zero chemical fertilizers and zero additives.


New GoldCart Strain Specific CO2 Carts

Our new natural CO2 strains complement our traditional vaporizer carts now renamed Ultra Pure. Our Strain Specific CO2 oil is less processed and offers CO2 oil flavor and aroma. Choose Strain Specific Indica, Sativa or Hybrids such as Gorilla Glue or Sour Diesel. Ultra Pure carts continue to offer mild flavors and no marijuana smell. Choose Ultra Pure traditional Classic, Crème Brulee, Earl Grey, Pineapple or Spearmint.

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GoldCarts — The clearly superior THC vaporizer cartridge

GoldCarts offer the choice between two very different vaporizing experiences. Ultra Pure cartridges offer mild taste without marijuana smell in classic or four flavors. Strain Specific cartridges give you the taste and aroma of original strains that include Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids.

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Four smoke-free THC products. Four unique dose methods

GoldCart vaporizer cartridges give powerful, instant relief. Try PureGold Squeeze Tubes for dabbing or refilling cartridges. GoldMist Oral Spray is effective in minutes, and you can use it anywhere. GoldCap Softgels are the most dependable, repeatable edible available.

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CBD x 4

In softgels with or without THC, CBD-only oral spray and CBD-only vaporizer cartridges

Our new CBD products are as pure and consistent as you expect from TetraLabs. Perfectly crystal clear and see-through. GoldCaps CBD oral softgels take an hour for onset, but last many hours, and are available with or without THC. GoldCart CBD vaporizer cartridges administer CBD instantly, but wear off quickly. GoldMist CBD oral spray absorbs within minutes and lasts 1-2 hours.


GoldCaps — The clear choice for THC and CBD oral dosage

GoldCaps™ softgels contain only ultra-pure natural cannabinoids and grape seed oil— no molds, pesticides, solvents, bacteria, toxins or other contaminants. GoldCaps provide clinically precise, metered 10mg, 25mg, 35mg and 50mg dosages. You can count on the same effect every time. Long-duration 6-12 hour relief. CBD-only dosages of 5mg and 10mg also available, as well as a combination of 10mg CBD plus 10mg THC.

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GoldMist Oral Spray — The super predictable THC oral applicator

Similar to smoking cannabis but without the smoke. Takes effect within minutes. Precision-dose atomizer makes it easy to achieve the appropriate level of medication. Available in 1x or 2x dosages. You get a precise 3mg or 6mg dose every time. Use it anywhere. Perfect for travel. CBD-only version also available. 

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PureGold THC Squeeze Tubes — Fast acting, strong effect

Use for dabbing or refilling vape pens. You'll feel the effects immediately. Contains the same ingredients as TetraLabs GoldCarts. The convenient squeeze tube dispenses single drops for dabbling. Or, squeeze the entire tube into a vaporizer cartridge. Contains no propylene glycol. 1.0g and 0.5g sizes.

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