TetraLabs California

Ordering Products

Contact us and we will help you establish an account with TetraLabs as an approved dispensary or delivery service.

Call 800.991.0624, or email info@tetralabs.com. Our representative will make an appointment with you.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with any TetraLabs products, call us within 30 days, and we will refund the full amount of any unused items. You can't lose.

Dispensary Listing

We will list your dispensary on our locations page. Patients have a choice, and we want them to choose you.

Complying with California Law

You must represent a valid medical cannabis dispensary with a retail location or verifiable mobile dispensary to register. California law also requires you have a resale tax license, be a medical cannabis patient with a valid doctor's recommendation, and a member of the TetraLabs Collective. Likewise, patients of your dispensary must also be valid medical cannabis patients with valid doctor's recommendations and members of your collective. You agree to distribute our products only to members of your collective.