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GoldCaps CBD and CBD|THC Softgels: clearly pure

  • 10mg Dosage
  • CBD only with no THC, or CBD plus THC in 50-50 ratio
  • CBD Purity: 99% pure CBD crystalized from natural hemp plant extract
  • Optional THC: PureGold ultra-pure natural cannabis extract
  • Crystal clear with no impurities
  • Clinically precise, metered dose
  • Dependable every time
  • Highest quality available anywhere
  • No guessing what you are getting

When it comes to medical cannabis in oral dosage, it’s what you don’t see that counts. GoldCaps™ CBD softgels contain only ultra-pure natural cannabinoids and grape seed oil. You can see there’s no powdered marijuana, hashish, kif or hash oil—no molds, pesticides, solvents, bacteria, toxins or other contaminants.

What you do get is ultra-pure CBD, or ultra-pure CBD plus THC. GoldCaps CBD is crystalized from natural hemp plant extract and is 99% pure. We use no "CBD-rich hemp oil". And, GoldCaps THC is the most highly refined THC available.

Just as important, GoldCaps provide clinically precise, metered dosages thanks to analytical-laboratory testing and professional softgel manufacturing equipment. So you can count on the same effect from every GoldCap softgel for consistent relief every time.

CBD only GoldCaps softgels are available in dosages of 10mg CBD, and packaged 10, 30 or 60 capsules per bottle. A CBD + THC combination is also available and comes in a bottle of five softgels each with 10mg CBD plus 10mg THC.

Ingredients: GoldCaps GoldCaps CBD10 contain 10mg CBD. CBD/THC10+10 contains 10mg CBD plus 10mg THC. All versions are buffered in grape seed oil and encapsulated in gelatin.

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