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The New GoldCart™ TopAir™
Next generation, state-of-the-art, premium cartridge

GoldCart TopAir is the ultimate premium vaporizer cartridge. You get huge hits, one after another. Plus fabulous taste, and a customizable airflow. A glass tank with ceramic and stainless core eliminate the wick and plastic. And, because there is no air intake hole at the bottom, TopAir cartridges do not leak. Cartridges just don’t get better than this.

Ceramic core

Vertical Ceramic Core

Other cartridges expose oil directly to heating wires, creating potential for heavy metal contamination. The GoldCart TopAir does not. The revolutionary TopAir design completely seals the heating wire within a large vertical ceramic core.

Huge, Endless Hits

The high surface area and porosity of the large ceramic core holds more oil, so you get huge hits, one after another. It does not dry out like other cartridges. TopAir is perfect for heavy hitters.

Ceramic core

Adjustable Air flow

Tired of cartridges with a hard draw? Just twist the mouthpiece and dial in the degree of air flow you want for your perfect customizable draw.

Fabulous Taste

We ran these carts against many others with a variety of oils. The GoldCart TopAir had the best taste and cleanest flavor. Keep your voltage low to preserve the flavor and aroma of the oil.

High-End Hardware – No Plastic

Premium glass and stainless-steel components let you experience pure unadulterated flavor, and eliminate concerns about the chemicals in plastic.

Ceramic core

No Leaking

We exhaustively tested many TopAir cartridges. We vaporized entire tank contents on some. We turned others on their sides or upside down in hot sun for days. Results: zero leaks.


Simply unscrew the mouthpiece and refill to the Max fill line. For the ideal experience, try TetraLabs PureGold™ Squeeze Tubes, now available in strain specific cannabis flavors.

Battery Requirements  

GoldCart TopAir works with any 510-thread battery with a button. Will not work with button-less batteries.

GoldCart Pen and Cartridge

Battery320 Operation

The matching 320 mAh battery has a lighted on/off button switch. It offers a preheat mode plus five adjustable voltage levels. Five clicks deactivates the battery to prevent accidental activation in your pocket. Use the lowest voltage setting that works well to preserve oil flavor.

5 clicks for on/off
2 clicks for preheat
3 clicks to change voltage output:
Green: 2.6v
Blue: 2.8v
White: 3.0v
Purple: 3.2v
Red: 3.5v