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GoldCart CBD: The Whole Story

The Clear Advantages of Vaporizing

If you have been smoking high-CBD cannabis, now you have an alternative to inhaling burning plant matter. You are probably reading this because you know that vaporizing is safer, cleaner and more convenient.

Also, TetraLabs GoldCart CBD cartridges contain zero THC, which is ideal if you don’t want the psychoactive effects of THC. But if you do want a combination of CBD and THC, you can use both a TetraLabs CBD cartridge with a THC one to achieve the exact CBD-to-THC ratio you want.

With TetraLabs GoldCart vaporizer cartridges, you only inhale the intended vapor, and no combustion byproducts from burning plant matter such as particulates, carbon monoxide, and many pyrolized plant compounds. Moreover, the TetraLabs GoldCart CBD formulation not only eliminates the contaminants in burning plant matter, it is also far more refined than the raw, dark extract found in other CBD vaporizer cartridges. You can tell that just by looking. TetraLabs GoldCart CBD cartridges are the color of water; others are dark and murky.

TetraLabs vaporizer pens are easy to use because they are switchless. Just inhale and it automatically turns on. Stop inhaling, and it turns off.

Better yet, it is also cost effective. We think you'll agree that a GoldCart™ CBD cartridge is an equal or better value than a comparable amount of high-CBD cannabis flowers. It lasts as long or longer for the same price. It tastes better and has no dry mouth. You don't inhale smoke, and there is no marijuana smell. A gram of CBD concentrate is roughly equivalent to an eighth ounce of high-CBD flowers. By comparison, an eighth of high-CBD flowers with 8% total CBD would have 283mg CBD, but much of is lost in the high heat of combustion. A half-gram (0.5g) GoldCart with 100mg CBD is equivalent to 200mg for a whole gram, and little is lost while vaporizing it.

GoldCarts are the ideal solution for patients who want the fast acting response of inhalation, but in a convenient, healthier and reusable delivery device. GoldPens are odorless, smokeless and discreet. You can medicate anywhere, anytime without lighting up and creating a cloud of cannabis smoke. And you avoid harmful combustion byproducts.

Vaporizing works by heating CBD oil to its boiling point, which is a much lower temperature than combustion. The CBD is released as vapor, similar to steam from a teakettle but containing CBD instead of water. That's why you can get the instant benefits of inhaling cannabis without inhaling burning plant matter.

Vaporizer cartridges are not created equal

When judging CBD vaporizer cartridges, it's what you don't see that counts. Are the contents crystal clear and the color of water like a GoldCart CBD? Or are the contents dark and murky? Can you see any suspended particulates when you tilt it back and forth? Pure CBD is absolutely colorless. Anything else is junk in the mixture. TetraLabs eliminates those contaminants. TetraLabs CBD is so pure that it leaves zero ash. Without ash buildup, heating elements last longer.

Dependability and Repeatability

GoldCart CBD cartridges always contain exactly the same amount of CBD no matter when or where you buy them. The 0.5g GoldCart always has 100mg CBD.

A GoldPen does not deliver a set amount per puff. You control how much by how long and how hard you inhale. Start with a couple of light puffs. The CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via capillaries in the lungs. The dosage is repeatable by taking the same number of puffs of the same duration.


Storage, Shelf Life and Discoloration

STORAGE. Light, heat and oxygen degrade the product over time. So, store all TetraLabs products in a cool dark place. It is best to refrigerate them in a dark container.

DISCOLORATION. CBD is a natural product and may discolor slightly over time, as is the case many natural products. It may take on a slight pink, yellow or brown hue. Slight discoloration is common and has no noticeable effect of product potency. Discoloration is greatly increased with exposure to UV light. Heat and oxygen may increase the effect. So, don't leave the product under a fluorescent light or in the sunlight. But even if you do, the product is still OK, and will work just as well as a new one.

SHELF LIFE AND POENCY. If you store TetraLabs products as described, there will be no noticeable change in potency for six months to a year, or even longer. To maximize longevity, refrigerate the products in a lightproof container. If you can, store only full, unused products because a partially empty product will admit oxygen that is highly reactive.


2 GoldCart CBDs

Active-Ingredient Purity

GoldCarts contain pharmaceutical-grade CBD that is crystalized from natural hemp plant extract. Raw extract is a dark paste that contains little CBD and mostly extraneous plant compounds. That paste is sent through many steps to purify it. It is diluted and highly filtered. Then it is crystalized a number of times until it becomes a snow-white layer of tiny crystals.

GoldCart CBD cartridges contain no extraction solvents, molds, bacteria, plant matter, or leftover extraneous plant compounds. In fact, you can see there are no contaminants because you can see right through it. A GoldCart CBD cartridge is the color of water because pure CBD is colorless. Compare a GoldCart to any other CBD cartridge and you'll agree it is clearer, lighter and has no junk floating in it.

Combining CBD and THC

GoldCart CBD cartridges contain 100mg CBD and zero THC. CBD with zero THC is nearly impossible to find elsewhere, and is ideal for those who don't want the psychoactive effects of THC. However, if you do want a CBD/THC combination, you can easily combine TetraLabs CBD and THC products. For example, use both CBD and THC cartridges simultaneously. Or, use both GoldMist CBD and GoldMist THC. That way you can adjust the CBD and THC levels exactly the way you want them.

Other Ingredients

GoldCarts contain natural ingredients. To formulate the ingredients, we mix CBD crystalized from hemp extract with highly refined fruit extracts and naturally extracted Pineapple flavoring oil. The formulation is designed for good taste, as well as good wick-ability and vaporization in a vape pen. GoldCarts contain no propylene glycol.

GoldCart Packaging

Packaging and Form Factor

GoldCart CBD cartridges are available in the shorter 0.5g cartridge with 100mg CBD. GoldCarts have a standard 510 thread that fits most e-cig and vaporizer batteries.

Cartridge Not Working?

Occasionally, the electrical contact in the bottom of the cartridge gets pressed in too hard and does not make electrical contact to the battery. You can easily fix this.  Just insert a toothpick into the little eyelet at the bottom of the cartridge, and wiggle the eyelet out a tiny bit.