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GoldMist CBD Oral Spray: precise, dependable

  • 3.5ml vial contains 100mg CBD.
  • Approximately 80 sprays with 1.25mg CBD per spray
  • No THC; completely non-psychoactive
  • No dark "CBD-rich hemp oil" used in GoldMist CBD
  • Our CBD is refined from hemp plant extract into pure crystals before we combine it with other ingredients
  • Ingredients: CBD, cocoanut oil, food-grade alcohol, natural flavoring oils
  • No impurities - Crystal clear, and light in color
  • Clinically precise, metered dose
  • No guessing what you are getting
GoldMist CBD Packaging

GoldMist™ CBD is high quality and dependable, and is backed by accurate testing and labeling.

Unlike tinctures, dropper bottles, edibles, and other products, you know you are getting the exact dose every time. GoldMist is always predictable because the micro-atomizer sprays a precise dose into the mouth. The dose is always 1.25mg of CBD. If you want 5mg, that's four sprays.

The cosmetic-quality borosilicate glass atomizer is small, convenient and easy to use. A tight-fitting cap keeps the nozzle clean. The 3.5ml vial contains 100mg CBD, and dispenses 80 sprays.

Compare GoldMist CBD to any other CBD tincture or oil and you can visually see the quality difference. The statements found in our descriptions are accurate and factual. This is not always the case with other products. The FDA has cited a number of them for inaccurate claims about their actual CBD content.

Slight discoloration may occur over time due to exposure to light, heat and oxygen. This is normal. See the "Storage, Shelf Life and Discoloration" link below for more information.

Ingredients: CBD, cocoanut oil, food-grade alcohol, natural flavoring oils, sweetener

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Dependability and Repeatability

Storage, Shelf Life and Discoloration

Active-Ingredient Purity

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