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LiquidGold50: For Dependable Homemade THC Edibles

  • Makes 50 brownies or cookies with 25mg THC each
  • Consistent every time – no surprises as with other edibles
  • Onset in 1 hour or so; effect last
    6–12 hours
  • Consistent, long-duration relief
  • Each bottle contains 1,250mg THC
  • Crystal clear with no impurities
  • Full spectrum of natural cannabinoids
  • Ingredients: PureGold™THC essential cannabinoid oil, grape seed oil
  • No preservatives, flavorings or any other added ingredient

LiquidGold50™ is the same proven THC formulation as GoldCaps25. Only the form factor is different. LiquidGold50 is packaged in a bulk bottle that is equivalent to 50 GoldCaps25. It's a better deal for the money and allows you to make your own edibles.  Do not try to smoke it. The bottle contains 25g of LiquidGold50 Infusion Oil with 50 doses of 25mg each. LiquidGold50 consists of PureGold THC cannabinoids mixed with grape seed oil.

You can see there’s no powdered marijuana, hashish, kif or hash oil—no molds, pesticides, solvents, bacteria, toxins or other contaminants. 

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Dependability and Repeatability

Active-Ingredient Purity

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