TetraLabs California

About the Patient Direct Program

The TetraLabs Patient Direct program is for members who cannot drive, who cannot leave their homes, or who do not wish to visit a dispensary. Members may order online conveniently and easily. Our courier then personally delivers the medication anywhere in California.

Our delivery service is different from others because we only deliver TetraLabs medications. We do not deliver any other forms of medical cannabis such as marijuana or edibles.

How to Join

If you are already a member of the TetraLabs collective, you are eligible to order via the Patient Direct program. You may order a quantity of medication that is sufficient for a medical cannabis patient’s personal use, such as a 30-day supply. If you are a member login on the right.

How to Order

We verify your doctor's recommendation after you enroll. You can then visit the TetraLabs Store and place your order as you would order any other product from a web site.

Shipping Schedule

Orders placed before noon on Monday through Thursday are shipped via 2nd business day delivery. Thursday orders placed before noon are delivered on Monday. Orders placed after noon on Thursday through Sunday are shipped Monday via 2nd business day delivery.

Shipping Costs

Orders over $150 are shipping free of charge. Orders less than $150 are charged $15 shipping and handling. You can help us save you money by placing larger orders rather than small ones.


Our mission is to help make you comfortable and serve you well. If you are not happy with any TetraLabs product for any reason, ask us for an exchange or refund. Just email us at info@tetralabs.com

30-Day Supply Discounts

Some patients take a GoldCap™ every day. For members who need that constant level of medication, we offer larger quantities that represent approximately a one-month supply. Larger quantities are less expensive because we save on packaging.


If you are a patient who is seriously ill with a qualifying illness, and you are in financial need, you may be eligible for the GoldRelief program. This program pays for all the costs of your medication with no cost to you. Please be aware that the qualification standards are high and there are relatively few new openings.