TetraLabs California

Which TetraLabs product is right for me?

THC or CBD. With four ways to medicate.

Choose THC only, CBD only or a combination. Choose how to medicate: swallow a capsule, use an oral spray or inhale pure vapor. Pick an onset time: fast, medium or slow. Decide on duration: short, medium or long.


GoldCart™ Vaporizer Cartridges

The convenient, discreet and efficient way to medicate anywhere, anytime. No polyethylene or propylene glycol. Immediate onset; lasts 1-2 hours.

GoldCart THC – Ultra Pure
Contains PureGold—the purest and most highly refined cannabinoid concentrate. Mild taste and no cannabis odor. Available in 0.5g and 1.0g sizes, and five flavors: Classic, Pineapple, Crème Brûlée, Spearmint and Earl Grey.

GoldCart THC – Strain Specific
Contains Strain specific CO2 extracted oil that is less processed than our Ultra Pure cartridges. Offers the taste and fragrance of CO2 oil and natural terpenes. These carts do have a cannabis odor whereas Ultra Pure does not. Available in several popular strains.

GoldCart CBD-Only Cartridge
CBD with no THC. 0.5g cartridge contains 100mg CBD, zero THC. Pineapple flavor.


GoldCaps™ Softgels

Taken orally, GoldCaps are safe, dependable and repeatable, unlike many edibles. Onset takes 45 minutes or so; beneficial effects last 6-12 hours. Same effect every time.

GoldCaps THC
Three THC-dosages include 10, 25, and 50mg THC.

GoldCaps CBD and GoldCaps THC+CBD
Choose CBD-only dosage of 5mg or 10mg CBD, or a THC+CBD combination 10mg THC plus 10mg CBD. 


GoldMist™ Oral Spray

Micro-atomizer dispenses precise, repeatable dosages. 3.5ml vial with 80 sprays. Unlike edibles, GoldMist is absorbed via oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Onset within 15 minutes; lasts 1-2 hours.

GoldMist THC
Effect is similar to smoking cannabis but without the smoke. The 1x version contains 250mg THC with 3mg THC per spray. 2x has 500mg THC and 6mg THC per spray.

GoldMist CBD
CBD with no THC. Vial contains 100mg CBD with 1.25mg CBD per spray. Oral spray is a quick, easy way to absorb CBD.


All TetraLabs products offer adjustable, dependable and repeatable dosages. We design products with low abuse potential and a pharmaceutical form factor. TetraLabs products are specifically formulated and packaged for patients who are seriously ill, want a natural alternative but also want a customary medical form factor.