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PureGold™ Squeeze Tubes: State-of-the-art THC concentrate

  • Use for dabbing or vape pen refill
  • Onset in seconds; lasts 1–2 hours
  • Classic and Plus flavors
  • Smoke as with any oil or concentrate
  • Crystal clear with no impurities
  • Squeeze tube can dispense single drops for dabbing
  • No polyethylene/propylene glycol
  • Better flavor without dry mouth
PureGold SqueezeTubes

PureGold Squeeze Tubes are the ultimate THC concentrate for dabbing and refilling vaporizer pens. Ultra pure. Very strong. And has the perfect drop-by-drop squeeze tube dispenser.

PureGold THC Squeeze Tubes are crystal clear and clearly superior. That’s because our PureGold process keeps only the cannabinoids and removes everything else. No contaminants, no solvents, no molds, and no propylene glycol. You will not find a higher quality concentrate available anywhere.

Vaporizing with PureGold THC is cleaner and safer compared to smoking cannabis. That means no unhealthy combustion byproducts, no particulates, no cloud of smoke and no marijuana smell. You'll enjoy better flavor


Available in Classic and Plus flavors. PureGold Classic has light color and mild Classic flavor, with no added terpenes. PureGold Plus has darker color with slightly richer flavor because select terpenes previously removed are added back.

Packaged in gelatin squeeze tubes that contain 0.5g of PureGold with approximately 325mg THC.

Ingredients: PureGold cannabinoid oil, 5% Limonene, gelatin, optional terpenses

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