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New Patient Enrollment Process

  1. You will need to complete the sign up process which includes joining the TetraLabs collective and accepting all the terms of the Collective Agreement.
  2. You will need to provide scans of your proof of state residency (identification) and your current doctor's recommendation.
  3. Tetralabs will validate your doctor's recommendation and contact you via email once approved.



Existing Tetralabs Collective Members
Existing TetraLabs Collective members can place an order online by clicking the button below. You will be required to provide your user name (typically your email address) and your password for access.

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TetraLabs is only available to California patients. If you are a Medical Marijuana Patient in a state other than California, please sign up here and we will contact you when our products are available for distribution in your state.

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GoldCap Softgels: Oral format in 10mg and 25mg dosages. Onset takes an hour or so. The beneficial effects last for many hours.

GoldMist Oral Spray: Micro-atomizer-dispenses 80 2.5mg doses absorbed through the mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Onset is within 15 minutes.

PureGold with Limonene: Heated and inhaled in pure form, using a vaporizer or oil pipe; packaged in a clear miniature1/2 gram vial or squeeze tube. This is the fastest-acting version of our medicine but also subsides most quickly.

Unrivaled purity and consistency
TetraLabs has an outstanding reputation for pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products containing the highest-purity cannabinoids. TetraLabs products are ultra pure, crystal clear, and offer precisely metered doses. No other company in the industry offers our levels of quality, dependability and repeatability.

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