A variety of ultra-pure, cannabis-based products

TetraLabs offers patients suffering from a variety of serious diseases and conditions with symptomatic relief through cannabis-based products setting the industry standard for quality and purity. All these products are safe even for patients with suppressed immune systems.

Oral format in 10mg and 25mg dosages. Onset takes an hour or so. The beneficial effects last for many hours.

Micro-atomizer dispenses 80 2.5mg doses absorbed through the mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Onset is within 15 minutes.

Heated and inhaled in pure form, using a vaporizer or oil pipe; packaged in a clear miniature 1/2 gram vial or squeeze tube. This is the fastest acting version of our medicine but also subsides most quickly.

All TetraLabs products are characterized by dosages that are dependable, adjustable and repeatable. In addition, they have a long shelf life when properly stored. TetraLabs prides itself on products that have a low dose, low abuse potential and a pharmaceutical form factor. TetraLabs products are specifically formulated and packaged for patients who are seriously ill, want a natural alternative but also want a customary pharmaceutical form factor. For example, a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy who has been taking synthetically-derived Marinol as an anti-emetic, may switch to naturally-derived GoldCaps as an equivalent and natural alternative.